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VOMP contribution

VOMP is a client server software that makes the Hauppauge MVP act as a frontend for the  Video Disk Recorder (VDR).
The homepage of this project can be found at LoggyTronic. Many thanks to Chris Tallon for this great work!
A Wiki can be found here.
I missed some mediaplayer functionality so I started contributing some of this. As of 07/03/15 picture viewer functionality is available.
The files provided here include also the WakeOnLAN patch provided by Matthias Haas.
The following files are available here for download:

Update 07/03/16

Today (07/03/16) I finished a very basic implementation of an audio player. It still lacks a lot of features - but it can play audio files (mp3) either single ones or a directory. Stop handling is still a bit slow, there is no display of stream info, you cannot play in parallel to picture viewing...
This version still works with the same server plugin - but this will change soon - I need some implementation to make audio and pictures being able to run in parallel.
OK - files : the patches againts CVS of 07/03/14 (still need the timer patch!) and a dongle:
The readme still needs an update - but no secrets there: play in medialist starts playlist play (all files in dir), OK single play. STOP rewinds to start, PAUSE pauses, PLAY (in player) continues. OK in player hides info.Discussion and comments are welcome via the vomp forum. (see this post).

Update 2007/03/24

The today's update contains a couple of bug fixes and the audio player function. The audioplayer is able to play mp3 files including ID3 tag recognition, VBR handling and navigation (0...9, |<-, ->|).
It also cotains an important patch that broke the set timer in the epg. This patch can also be separately added to the patches from 07/03/16.
This separate patch is available as:
The complete function is available as a patch agiants the CVS from 07/03/14 and a dongle. The server side remains the same as above. Please check the GNUmakefile after patching. Hints are in the readme_media.txt.
Replies are welcome via the forum (see this post).

Update 2007/04/01

Phillip reported a bug when editing a timer. This is fixed.

Update 2007/05/13

I rebased everything to the current cvs (07/05/12) and to the makedevenv5 script.
This probably will fix some problems with the new remote because it uses now the newest kernel modules.
The server side is still untouched.
Because of the new key mapping I had to stop both vdr and vomp, delete the 00-xx-xx..conf file and restart both.
As always there is the patch (to be applied with patch -p1 <patchfile in the client directory after co from cvs) and the dongle.
Additionally a patch that is split into changes at base classes and additional files is added.
Bug reports are welcome via the forum - especially it would be interesting for tests with deply nested media directories (>6 levels).

Update 2007/05/15

The server part has been rebased to the newest CVS (07/05/15). It still works together with all of the client versions.
Mainly the changes of the VDR directories have been removed from the makefile.
If you would like to compile on a system with vdr installed by package (e.g. Suse 10.2) you can call the make with the command:
make VDRDIR=/usr/include/vdr LIBDIR=. INCLUDES=-I/usr/include/vdr all
If you compile in a source vdr directory, you will have the plugin source code in PLUGINS/src/vompserver and you can compile the plugins with make plugins from the vdr dir.
After downloading the cvs sources (one command):
cvs -z3 
co -P vompserver
(from .../PLUGINS/src directory), you can apply the patch (from within the vompserver directory) with
patch -p1 < patchfile.