Extensions for ajax-phpcalendar

At http://www.php-kalender.de there is an interesting calendar implementation.

As of 2010/01/01 at least some functions are missing, so I implemented some additional parts and rewrote some of the stuff.

Basically from the user point of view the changes are:

  • edit view of an event when clicked/moved/dragged
  • events spanning multiple days
  • recurring events n days/weeks/months/years
  • Java Script (Json) API to access the events (to display them integrated)
  • month selector in index page
  • admin script to create/update the table

From the implementation point of view the changes are bigger:

  • own class for events
  • omit temp table
  • many rewriting in the calendar.php
  • event edit as separate doc (to be editable by wysiwyg editor)
  • event edit form with more options
  • complete ajax handling for event edit form
  • separate js code for the edit form
  • correct handling for german weeks in the js code

The complete code is available for download here. After unpacking you must create the events table (or alter it) using dump.sql. Alternatively you can run create.php from the admin directory to create/update the table. Event entries from the current implementation remain still valid.